21 Apr 2013

Tips for getting rid of cravings

Hi guys! Since I got such god response on my earlier post about 5 tips for clear skin, I thought I’d do a similar post, but this time on how to get rid of cravings.

When I decided to create a healthier lifestyle for myself I thought  that it would be really hard to get rid of the cravings for all of the delicious but bad things that I enjoyed to eat, such as chocolate, but interestingly enough I saw great results in that department without having to try very hard. Today I am going to share a few tips that will help you getting rid of those bad cravings, so that you can live a healthier life and treat you body the way it deserves to be treated.

These are all tips that I live by and that I have done some research into. This is what helps for me, and hopefully you will find them useful as well :)

1. Eat for your body, not your mind. If you are craving a chocolate bar, for example, it is your mind that thinks it wants it, not your body. Your body is in need of vitamins and nutrients, not overly processed food with a lot of sugar or chemicals. By filling your craving with something that your body really needs and wants instead of what your mind thinks it wants, your body will feel satisfied and the craving sensation will go away. It might not be as mentally satisfying as eating that chocolate bar, but your body will feel much better and in time you won’t even be craving that bar of chocolate any more. So by feeding your body good things it gets smarter, and after a while it will stop craving the bad stuff and instead crave the good.

This happens far quicker than you might expect. Just after one and a half week of eating healthier I stopped craving stuff that I use to absolutely love, and when I did eat something unhealthy that I was craving I felt that the taste of it was very displeasing and I just didn’t care for it anymore. 

2. Eat regularly. Feeding your body regularly, about every three hours, keeps your blood sugar level in check and you won’t feel such an urge for something unhealthy. Try to eat foods that are low in glycemic value; like broccoli, salmon and cucumbers, foods that your body digest slowly; like avocado, whole grains or lentils, or foods that regulates the blood sugar level; like almonds, cinnamon and green tea.

3. Snack smartly! There is nothing wrong with snacking. If you do it right you can have several snacks throughout the day between the larger meals. Snack on fruit and nuts, or why not carrot sticks? This way you can stay away from candy bars, cookies, chips or whatever you think you’re craving. My favorite snack right now is a banana and a handful of almonds. I bring that with me every single day that I’m going off to school to snack on between breakfast and lunch, and it has helped me a lot with my cravings!

4. Drink water! Sometimes your body mistakes hunger for thirst, so by drinking a glass of water when you feel the urge to eat something you know you shouldn’t your body might feel satisfied without the unnecessary sugar, fat or calories.  Drinking a lot of water also makes your skin more radiant and beautiful and you will both feel and look much better. 

5. Keep all unhealthy foods out of your home! If you buy things that you know you will crave but really shouldn’t eat it is much more likely that you will. By keeping these things in your cabinets, fridge or freezer you are just destining yourself to fail. By keeping unhealthy foods or snacks out of your home you give yourself a better chance of resisting your carvings, because if you for example want ice cream but you have to go to the store to get it, the chances are that you will be better at resisting the urge than if you have it right there in your freezer.

6. Brush your teeth. This might seem odd, but I find that when you have that fresh minty taste in your mouth that you get after brushing your teeth eating something like chocolate or chips doesn’t seem as appealing.  Of course you could also chew gum, but I find that even though chewing gum will provide you with that mint fresh taste, the chewing motion can trick your stomach into thinking that you’re eating and it will be displeased when it doesn’t receive any food. So I prefer brushing my teeth over chewing gum, but that’s a personal preference. 

So that’s my 6 top tips! I hope that you find them useful and that you feel that you can integrate one or more of them into your own life. Remember to treat your body with respect and to give it the fuel that will make it the best it can be. Your body really is a reachable thing and it’s the only own you got, and will ever have, so treat it right!

What are your favorite tricks for avoiding cravings? Tell me in the comments :)  

xo, Sanna

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