20 Apr 2013

Nature’s wonders

Hi guys! Today is a fantastic day! The sun is shining and I am feeling incredibly happy and full of life! I have been out for almost two hours soaking up the sunlight and I feel amazing! I hope that this lovely weather is here to stay and that this endless winter we have had this year is finally over. Otherwise we won’t have any spring before it’s the summertime.

I just feel so much more energized when the sun is out, like nothing can ruin my good mood. It felt great to lie in the sun and let my skin soak up the sunlight. I hope it will help to clear up some of those breakouts I got from trying out those new skincare products I talked about in my previous post. At least I got some new freckles on my face :)

Nature can work wonders on body, mind and soul! And speaking of nature’s wonders… When I went to congratulate my mother on her birthday yesterday I bought her this incredibly beautiful orchid that I thought I just had to show you guys! Orchids are one of my absolute favorite flowers, I especially love the big white once and the once with the purple stains that makes them look poisonous. I just think orchids are so majestically beautiful, in both shape and texture. And the coloring is just amazing on this one!  

Beautiful, isn’t it? What is your favorit kind of flower and why? Tell me in the comments :)

xo, Sanna

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