19 Apr 2013

Breakfast buffet

Good morning guys! My boyfriend and I went away early this morning to go to Karlstad, the town where we both are from. We are here to visit friends and family. Later tonight I’m going to congratulate my mother on her birthday that was this Wednesday.

This morning we were supposed to visit a hotel for a breakfast buffet, but we ran a little late this morning so we got here to late for that because it closed at 9.30 am. So instead we went to this place called Kaviar, which servers a breakfast buffet every day of the week. It was a little smaller than I had expected, but the food tasted okay.

I had some wholegrain bread with salami and turkey, some veggies and an hardboiled egg. I also had some wholegrain cereal with nuts and shredded coconut, a glass of orange juice and some pancake with whipped cream and jam.

They also had fruit, coffee and tea, and of course scrambled eggs with bacon and sausages, which my boyfriend feasted on.

A breakfast buffet really is a luxury for an everyday morning, but sometimes you have to treat yourself to something nice :) What is your favorite way to bring some luxury into your everyday life? Tell me in the comments :)  

xo, Sanna

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