17 Apr 2013

Song of the day

Hi guys! I know I am probably the last one on the planet to discover this, but if you right click on a song in Spotify you can choose an option called ”Start Radio”, and Spotify will find song similar to the song you clicked on. This way you can discover new bands and artists and find new song that you probably never would have heard otherwise.

I have found a fair few great songs this way and discovered new bands. Today I found this song “Your Winter” by Sister Hazel. I think this song is amazing! As soon as he started singing I got goose bumps and had to find out what song it was. I am a complete sucker for raspy voices, I just melt. All the artists and bands that I listen to and love have really unique voices, and I love those who are slightly different. To me different is beautiful

So close your eyes and enjoy this beautiful song, my song of the day :)

xo, Sanna

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