16 Apr 2013

Fighting breakouts

Hi guys! I have recently tried two new skin care product because I wanted to clear up my skin. When I was I suffered from a lot of breakouts, but as I grew older they kind of subsided to only a few. It got much more manageable and I didn’t feel self-conscious about my skin any more. Then a few months ago, just before the new years I started switching out some of my skin care products for 100% natural ones to be kinder to my skin. I found a few that works really well, but one problem I had was that my skin didn’t get clean enough so I got hundred of tiny tiny bumps in my face that made me look ridiculous, especially when I was wearing liquid foundation.

I started searching for new products and I found two new face cleansers to help me deal with that problem. Within just a few days of using the first one all the bumps had disappeared and my skin was back to normal again. But a few weeks later I stared using two products that I bought from Amazon that I had heard a lot of great things about on YouTube and blogs: the Aztec Indian healing clay and the Nutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. The Aztec Indian healing clay is a 100% natural clay mask that fights impurities in your skin and deep cleans it. It is supposed to bring all of your impurities out from your skin and fight it, so after you have used it a number of times you will have clear, great looking skin.

The Nutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask has benzoyl peroxide in it, which is a treatment for acne. You can use it as an everyday cleanser or as a deep cleansing mask to clear your skin.

The thing is, that after I used the Aztec Indian healing clay the first time I got a few breakouts as a result of it. I thought that this probably was because the clay had brought the impurities from underneath my skin up to the surface and didn’t think so much about it. I used it once more that week and since I have used it once a week for two weeks, so I have used it 4 times total over three weeks time. I have also used the Nutrogena Clear Pore as a cleanser every day for about two weeks or so, and the weird thing is that my skin is now worse than it has ever been!

I have tried to find bad reviews on both these products but have come up empty handed. Sooo many people rave about how great the the Aztec Indian healing clay is and that they have used it for months or years and never are going to let it go.  Some has said that they did get a few breakouts initially, but that it subsided quickly. When it comes to the Nutrogena Clear Pore cleanser I haven’t heard anyone give it a bad review or say that they broke out from it.  

I just don’t understand what is going on! The clay mask is 100% natual, so that’s why I am skeptical to it being the source of my new breakouts, but on the other had the Nutrogena product is supposed to fight acne, not cause it, and benzoyl peroxide has always been a great acne treatment for me. Maybe there is some other ingredient in the cleanser that my skin doesn’t like, but that is hard to know. Anyways, the point is that my forehead now looks horrible and I got breakouts on parts of my face that I never had had before. It has been a fast transformation from only a few breakouts to a massive amount, as I said more than I have ever had. That’s why I find it hard to believe that it is only impurities from underneath my skin that has been brought to the surface, because then I would have gotten a few years worth of them in one go and that doesn’t seem possible.

Have you ever had this kind of reaction to any skin care products that you have tried? Since I don’t know which one of these products that causes my problem I don’t know which one to stop using. I’m thinking of stop using both and then when my skin has cleared up again give them both a separate try to see how my skin reacts. The sad thing is that I only wanted to clear my skin up, and now it has goon from the best it has ever been to the worst in matter of days! It makes me feel really bad and sad, because now it will probably take me months to get my skin back to the way it was before I started with these two products.

I’m thinking about using Basiron again. It is the far best treatment I have ever used for breakouts! It also had benzoyl peroxide in it and once I started using it around the age of 15 it really did wonders for my skin, and I used it all the way until I was about 18-19. Then I stopped because I got tired of always having to have white towels, the Basirone bleaches fabric so if you don’t use white towels or bed linen you will get nasty pinkish stains on them. My skin had also cleared up a lot by then I didn’t feel as big of a need for the product. But now, when I look like I have breakouts freckles all over my face, I’m thinking of buying a new tube. The price has gone up a lot since I first started to use it, originally it was 79 sek and now it has gone up to about 139 sek for the stronger kind. But it really is a great product and it last fairly long, so if you think of how long it will last you and the good result you will receive then the price doesn’t seem so bad after all. You can buy Basiron at pharmacies but sometimes they only have the one with 5% benzoyl peroxide in the shelves and you have to ask for the one with 10%.

What is your best products or tricks to fight breakouts or acne? Pleas tell me in the comments, it would really help me out? And as I asked earlier; have you guys had these types of reactions when you have tried new skin care products? And, have you tried any of the products I have mentioned?      

xo, Sanna

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