14 Apr 2013

Sleek & Slender Abs

Good morning readers! I thought I’d give you guys another workout tip. I just finished my morning workout and I feel great! It’s hard when you do it, but afterwards you just feel so proud of yourself! Just make sure to find an exercise type that you think is fun, that makes all the difference in the world!

In my previous post I shared a workout video for toning up your booty fro “Tune it up Tuesdays” on the YouTube channel “Live strong Woman”. Today I’m going to share another one of their videos called “Sleek & Slender Abs”, which I always pair with the booty and legs workout video. They actually mention this video at the end of the previous one, so if you have checked that one out maybe you have already seen this one, but I like it so much that I want to make sure you guys hear of it :)

The video is a mix of exercises for your abs, but you also get to work your arms, legs and back. This is why I enjoy both of these workout videos so much, you get a full body workout, especially if you combine these two.

For this video thy encourage you to use dumbbells for a few of the exercises. They are mostly used as a support and not because of their weight, so if you don’t have any dumbbells you can use two half liter water bottles filled with water, that’s what I do :)

So, without further ado, here is the “Sleek & Slender Abs” video. Hope you enjoy it!

xo, Sanna

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