13 Apr 2013

Wheat and dairy free

Good morning guys! Right now I’m browsing the web for dairy and wheat free recipes. My skin has been acting out lately and ever since I found out that dairy and wheat products can have bad effects on your skin, I have been wondering how big of a difference I would notice if I excluded these things from my diet. So I have been looking for some new recipes to try out that does not contain any of these products.

I am not sure how well I will tackle this challenge. I don’t eat much wheat anymore, I have substituted most of that for whole grain products, but even whole grains can affect your skin so I thought that I would cut them out as well. I am a huge bread lover, so that’s why I think this will be really hard. I think I’m really going to miss my bread!

But I actually think that cutting out the dairy will be much harder. Since I don’t eat many wheat or whole grain products besides from bread, then in that category bread will be the only thing I have to abstain from. Put in the dairy department there are so many more things that I eat on a daily basis, such as cheese, butter and yoghurt, so I don’t really know how I’m gonna manage without it. But the fact of the matter is that a lot of people these days are allergic or at least sensitive to both wheat and dairy, so therefore there are hundreds of recipes out there to find. And if other people can be without wheat and dairy, then so can I. The only difference is that I’m making the choice myself.

Some of you might protest to cutting things out from your daily food intake. Like dairy products for example. Milk is I great source for calcium, and we do need calcium, don’t we? Yes, we do. But there are a bunch of other food sources that contains high calcium levels, such as almonds, broccoli and spinach. Here is a list of 12 vegetables that are high in calcium, if you too are thinking about cutting dairy, or have to because of allergies.

I have found a few new recipes that look promising, and after I have tried them out I’ll post them here on the blog and give them a full review, whether they a successful or not so much. Today I think I’m gonna start with some chicken with ratatouille. I have always wanted to try ratatouille but have never gotten around to it. But I think I’ll make mine myself and keep the rats out of the kitchen :P (Disney reference, lol).  

Doesn’t it look delicious?

Ratatouille, another great Disney movie by the way :P

Have a great Saturday everyone! Talk to you guys later :) 

xo, Sanna

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Alexandra skriver:

Det är verkligen inte lätt att plocka bort sånt som man är van vid. Jag vet hur svårt du antagligen tycker att det känns! Ta det dock i små steg, jag försökte ju med allt samtidigt och de blev mest bara jobbigt. Hoppas det går bra för dig och jag ser fram emot recepten! Ratatouille är så gott!


Svar: Ja, jag förstår att det måste varit svårt! Vi få sätta oss någon dag och byta recept med varandra :)

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