11 Apr 2013

A calm Thursday evening

Hi guys! I have just finished watching "Finding Nemo" with my boyfriend. Today is a quiet evening in the couch, I love those evenings :) I don't know how many times I have seen this movie, probably too many to count. My friends and I were obsessed with it a few years back, but then I sort of got tired of it and didn't watch it for a few years. But tonight it felt like it was time to watch it again :) This was the first time I've seen it in English though, and I have to say that I defiantly prefer the Swedish version! it's just sooo much funnier! But I guess that's the way it is, the version you're used to is the one you like the best.

I think Disney movies are great, because you never get too old for them. Some might be embarrassed to admit that they like those movies, but not me :) One of my absolute favorites is "Tangled" (the English version), I just love that movie and I have seen it too many times. I also love "Up" (also the English version), but that one is so sad in the beginning that I dread watching it.

So, readers, what is your favorite Disney movie? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Sanna

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