10 Apr 2013


Hi guys! When I entered the university library this morning and had just said hello to Michelle, my phone started ringing. From the moment I heard it, butterflies started rumbling around in my stomach. I had walked to school accompanied by Carl who was going to the gym and he had left his phone at home so I knew that it wasn’t him calling, and since it’s him calling me 99,9% of all the calls I receive, I had this instant feeling that it would be someone from the wanted ads calling. And it was!

I had a conversation with a man named Peter who called from one of the job applications I filled out yesterday. He wanted to ask me some questions and I answered to the best of my ability. It was really hard to hear what he said, but I hope I gave him all the answers I wanted.

I don’t think I’ll be getting this job because he said that they were looking for someone with ‘commercial experience’, but that he would consider me in the future. I am just so stumped that he bothered to call at all. I mean, I have applied for 40+ jobs here in Sweden throughout the years and no one has ever contacted me, even to say that the spot has been filled, so to have someone call the next day after I filled out the application just gob smacks me.

I hope that I will hear from the other companies as well. Maybe then it wouldn’t come as a shock to me and I will be able to present myself better.  

I just hate the fact that everyone these days want someone with work experience, so if you have never had a job you can’t get one. Do you guys have any tips on what to say during an interview to make up for lack of employment? I would be ever so grateful for tips! I have done websites for people who have employed me, but I have never worked for a company that designs websites. Isn’t that also work experience? I think that should count! How did you guys land your first real job?

xo, Sanna

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