10 Apr 2013

Back to business!

Good morning guys! No workout for me this morning, some days the body has to rest! Instead I’m enjoying this bad boy for breakfast; a fruit plate with green apples, oranges, different color grapes, banana and kiwi. I’ve paired this with some almonds and a hardboiled egg, a sturdy breakfast :)

Today I’m going back to school after what seems like a long “break”. It been almost two weeks since, and even though I’ve worked from home it seems like a long time to be out of school. My friend Michelle and I are working on our final essay before I graduate, so it is important work. No passing essay, no graduation. But the work is coming along fine and at this stage I’m not worried. But we have to see what our teacher has to say when we have our first meeting with her sometime later this week on in the beginning of next.

Some of you might find it geeky to feel excited about going back to school, but for the past two weeks I have been pretty much cooped up at home, working on different projects and keeping busy, so it feels nice to have somewhere specific to go where I actually dress up in something less comfortable than sweatpants and put on makeup. I don’t think I have worn makeup in the past one and a half weeks!  I don’t think it’s necessary for running errands and going to the grocery store. So it will be fun wearing some again, because it is something that I enjoy :)

Since I’m going back to school I guess there won’t be time for me to update the blog this early in the morning as much, but I promise to keep you guys posted on what’s going on in my life ;)

Now I’m going to finish my breakfast and then head on over to my closet to see if I have anything to wear today. Probably not, isn’t that always how it feels?

Talk to you guys later! Have a great day :)

xo, Sanna

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