9 Apr 2013

Dream big, or don’t dream at all

Today has been a nervous and at the same time exiting day. On the way to the grocery store I popped a question that from that moment on has festered in my mind.

Ever since my boyfriend and I got together almost six years ago he has told me that he wants to move abroad one day. I had always seen this as something you think and dream about but that never happens, until a few months ago when we stared to talk about moving to England. My boyfriend originally wanted to move someplace warmer than Sweden, like Spain or France, but I always insisted on it being a country that spoke English, since it is a language we both know by heart.

So we started planning moving to England. I absolutely love England. Ever since I visited London for the first time in February 2009 I have never been able to let go of that pulling feeling that constantly wants to drag me back there. Since then I have visited London on two more occasions, most recently in November 2012, but still I have this longing feeling of going back there.

So a few weeks ago there was a seminar down town about how it is living and working in the UK. Of course we went, but afterwards it felt like there were a few, but important, things that made a move to England difficult. The low living standard and high prices is discouraging, and the high unemployment rate isn’t making things better. So we put our plans of moving on hold, and I haven’t really thought about it much since.

But today, on the way to the grocery store, a thought hit me. Malta. I have no idea where it came from, it just sort of came to me. I said to Carl: “Hey, why don’t we move to Malta?” So whilst running up and down the aisles at the fruit section at Lidl we googled facts about living and working in Malta, and everything we found was good! The weather is awesome, the rates are low and living costs are low as well. It is absolutely beautiful and since it is an EU country there would be no problem for us to move there.
We also checked out the job scene and within the first few minutes I found 9 jobs in my area, 5 of which I am allegeable to apply for!

Suddenly everything felt so real and so possible. There wasn’t really any reason why we couldn’t or shouldn’t move. Both of us will graduate this June and since the job market isn’t really great here we have nothing to lose. So I did it. I applied for those 5 jobs! I know that the chance is very slim that they will even read my application, but still it feels so exiting!
 Right now I just feel like packing a bag and leaving. I really have nothing here tying me up and I would love to make a life and a career for myself in a country that has 300 days of sun each year and where the water is a lovely turquoise color and the temperature is 17°C in the wintertime!

In some ways this seems like an unrealistic, very big dream. And at the same time, it all seems so possible. Well, I’ve heard that you should dream big or not dream at all. I guess I chose to dream big.

Does this make any sense or do I seem crazy to you guys? Leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts on the subject, some guidance would be much appreciated right now!

Malta. Picture perfect!

xo, Sanna

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Denize Nilsson skriver:

Do it! Allt sedan jag kom tillbaks från Nya Zeeland har jag bara velat tillbaka. Och det ska jag också! Sinom tid! Det är inte alls galet. Gör det som känns rätt och håller dig varmast om hjärtat. Eller som jag så klokt fick höra när jag kände mig vilsen: "It's more important to have the courage to do what you must to succeed, rather than to cling to the things that make you feel safe." Som att vara kvar i Sverige. Kram!


Svar: Tack Denize!Ett riktigt bra motto :)Känner mig extremt sugen måste jag säga! Bara jobbet löser sig så har jag en känsla att resten också gör det! Roligt med Nya Zeeland! Jag förstår att du vill tillbaka dit! Det verkar fantastiskt och har man väl fått uppleva det så är det nog svårt att släppa och bara återgå till "tråkiga" Sverige :)

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