8 Apr 2013

Greek bread, part 1

Hi guys! How’s your Monday so far? Mine has been very slow and I haven’t really done much of anything today. My back was hurting like crazy when I woke up this morning so for a few hours I could do nothing but to lie down and rest. Now it’s better though, so I thought I’d do something productive with the rest of my Monday :)

I’m going to bake some more bread. Even though I just made some last week I still want more, but a different kind this time. I am going to try to make a rye version of my favorite bread, which is a Greek bread that I usually make with wheat flour.  It’s quite a long process to make this bread, but it is definitely worth it! If you want to check it out I have a Swedish version of the original recipe right here.  All I’m going to do is switch half of the wheat flour for
rye flour, and the other half for sifted rye flour. I have made this recipe with spelt instead of wheat flour before, and that worked out great! I just hope that it will be as good with rye :)

This is how the bread looks with the original recipe :)

So, this is what I’m going to be doing for the rest of the afternoon :) I’ll check back in later or tomorrow to tell you guys about how it went.

What is your favorite type of bread? Tell me in the comments! :)

xo, Sanna

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OMDS ! It looks deliciouss! http://sexileanme.blogspot.com


Answer: Thank you! It really is :)

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