8 Apr 2013

Mass hysteria

Hi guys! Yesterday evening my boyfriend and I went into town to feed the ducks, as I mentioned in my earlier post. We had bought some bread at a nearby convenient store that we brought with us.  When we started throwing them pieces of it, mass hysteria broke out! We were soon surrounded, not only by ducks, but by some type of seagull bird that I had never seen there before. I don’t know what kind they are, but they have white bodies, black faces and red beaks. And LOUD voices! 

So we fed both the ducks and the seagulls. We didn’t see any baby ducklings though, but maybe it’s too early in the springtime for that. We did see one of the male ducks biting the back feathers of a female one, grabbing a firm grip of her and hanging on to them while she was trying to get away from him. We suspected that that maybe had something to do with their mating ritual, but it still looked very uncomfortable. The animal world can be very cruel sometimes. 

I didn’t manage to get a good picture of the mass hysteria or the seagulls, but some of the ducks were willing to pose for us :) Here was a particularly brave one, who definitely liked getting his picture taken. He was also brave enough to eat out of my hand several times, along with a few others.

After we had given them most of the bread we saw a sign that said that the
municipality wants people to be careful when they feed the ducks and not give them more than they finish, since that can cause problems with rats. That wouldn’t be a problem in our case though, because there wasn’t a single crumb left of our bread once we left. Both the ducks and the seagulls dived on the bread pieces like vultures, so I would be really surprised if there was any leftovers for the rats :P

Do you guys have any animals near you that you like to feed? What do you give them? Tell me in the comments :)

xo, Sanna

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Alexandra skriver:

Hihi vilken söt bild du fick! Jag tycker det är läskigt att mata änder, de är så på. I alla fall här! Sv: Kakaonibs är små kakaobitar, jag köpte på bodystore. http://www.bodystore.com/3/sv/artiklar/go-for-life-raw-kakaonibs-eko-150-gram Förresten, tips till bloggen. Det går inte trycka på länkarna till de som kommenterar. Hade varit bra om det gick :)


Svar: tack, det ska jag kolla på! Jo, jag vet det där med länkarna, men har inte lyckats fixa det än :/ Men det kommer förhoppningsvis! :) (Nu är det fixat! :P)

Natalie skriver:

Brings me back. Vi borde mata änderna igen du och jag, det var länge sedan nu :)

Svar: Ja det får vi ta och göra :) Vi måste definitivt ses någon dag nu framöver! <3

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