7 Apr 2013

Inspirational people #1
Annie Jaffrey

Under the ”About me” link in the menu to your left I have written that I want to share the things and people that inspire me, to hopefully spread that inspiration over to you guys. So today I thought I’d start this inspiration tag by presenting a person that is a huge source of inspiration to me when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle; Annie Jaffrey.

I borrowed this lovley picture from Annie's blog.

I discovered Annie’s blog about a week or so into my new life plan, and she has been a huge source of inspiration since. I visit her blog every single day just to be able to soak up some of that positive energy that she spreads like wildfire.

Annie Jaffery is a YouTuber and blogger who writes about how to live a healthier lifestyle when it comes to food, exercise and beauty. I have learned so much from her in the few weeks that I have followed her blog, and I really recommend that you check it out!

Annie writes and vlogs about exercise and healthy food tips. She gives great advice on how to change your life for the better and how to succeed. Her motto is “You are the CEO of your own life”, you have to make your own decisions and only you are responsible for how you treat your body.

Annie gives great skin care tips, makeup tutorials and so much more. For me, who has just started on this journey to turn my life around, it is vital to have these sources of inspiration to keep you going.  Annie and her posts are very motivational and encouraging, and she really cares about her followers and treats them as her friends. Every time I visit her blog and read a new post or watch one of her videos I feel energized and ready to continue on this new path of mine. She really lifts my spirit if I’m having a rough day and I can always count on her for great tips and inspiration.

Annie Jaffrey is a real role model. She is everything I stride to be; beautiful, confident, successful, positive, healthy and a great source of inspiration.

I hope that you guys check out her blog and YouTube channel if you guys also want some inspiration in your daily life, if you have just started to live a healthier lifestyle  or if you are thinking about doing so.  You’ll find her blog at
http://www.anniejaffrey.com/, and her YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/AnnieJaffrey.

Have any of you guys ever visited her blog or her channel? Tell me in the comments :)

xo, Sanna

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