7 Apr 2013

Sunday morning

Good morning! Right Now I’m having my breakfast in the morning sun. I always try to get my workout done around 8 so that I can have breakfast while the sun is passing by my kitchen window. It gets really warm and bright, I can hardly see my computer screen right now, but it’s the best feeling in the world soaking up the sunlight. Since it really isn’t that warm outside, it’s a nice getaway to a warmer place :) 

My breakfast this morning is a fruit pate of banana, pineapple, kiwi, oranges and passion fruit. A really good and tasty way to kick-start your day! What did you guys have for breakfast today?  

Later today my boyfriend and I are going inot town to feed the ducks :) They are so cute and grateful creatures and it was a long time since I paid them a visit. Maybe we’ll get to see some baby ducks that has just hatched? That would be so adorable!  

Today I’m also going to work on my web design project that I showed you in my earlier post. I hope to make some real progress today before the new week is here.

So, enough about me, what are you guys doing today? Tell me in the comments :)

xo, Sanna

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Pouline skriver:

sv: tack! ja det är fint med gult, man blir liksom glad, ellerhur? :) x


Svar: Ja precis :)

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