4 Apr 2013

New personal record!

Hi guys! I have just finished my morning workout and I am proud to announce that I have reached one of my goals in exercising. Today I managed to work out for 45 minutes straight on my Orbitrek Elite :)

For you who don’t know what an Orbitrek is, it’s a crosstrainer (
Elliptical trainer) from the online company Tvins. I bought mine about one and a half year ago and it’s one of the best investments I’ve made! Since I prefer to work out at home this machine has helped me so much. I absolutely HATE running, but working out on one of these is far more comfortable. I usually use it twice a week while I watch an episode of some TV show. I think it makes the workout so much easier when the brain can focus on the storyline on the TV instead of on how badly you want to get off the machine :P

Well, I usually average 30 minutes of actual workout time during an episode that’s 42-43 minutes long, but today I was able to go the whole episode without stopping, and I continued for a few more minutes so that my timer stopped on 45 minutes. I hope I can keep this up, but it probably won’t be as easy next time :P

If any of you are interested in knowing more about the Orbitrek/corsstrainer, I will link the latest version that they have available at Tvins for the moment. You can find it here.

This one is a little more expensive than the one I bought, but it is less expensive than most similar products on the market. Mina has a really good quality and I have never had any problems with it. I like that it is very gentle on your knees, which usually isn’t the case with running, and it doesn’t only work you legs, but your entire body. You get your legs, your arms and your abs a great workout with this product! And don’t worry about the size of it, you can easily dismount the handles to make it easier to store.

If you want more information about the benefits of this machine, click here :)
*This is not a sponsored message. Everything I say are my own oppinions. I do not get paid to review this product.

Now I’m off to take a shower and have some breakfast. I’ll check in with you guys later! Have an awesome day!

xo, Sanna

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