27 Mar 2013

Right back in the water

I went swimming yesterday at the pool close to our apartment. Out of all the different types of exercise I do, swimming is the one I enjoy the most. It’s something peaceful about it. You get to shut of your brain for a while and only be in the moment. Your entire body get’s a great work out and afterwards I feel calm and relaxed.

I try to go swimming once every week, and I usually swim 1 km. The pool is smaller than regular pools so 1 km is 60 laps.  The past two weeks however there haven’t been a lot of people around when I’ve gone swimming, so yesterday and the week before that I doubled my laps, so I swam 2 km instead of one. The first kilometer I do in about 45 minutes, and the second in about 35-40. It’s nice to know my body can handle it and I feel proud of myself after I’ve been able to do so well. Swimming is the only type of exercise that I can do for one and a half hour without passing out :P

The only downside to swimming is that my hair gets messed up by the pool water. But I try to do hair masks afterwards to make up for the harsh treatment. I have thought about getting one of them swimming caps, but I don’t think I’d dare walk out on the pool area wearing one :P

What’s your favorite type of exercise? 

Wish I could have one of these for my very own.

Maybe swimming caps are fashionable after all? :D

xo, Sanna

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