24 Mar 2014

Throwback: Hungry for change

Hi guys! A few months back I did a post on a food documentery called "Hungry for change". I felt like I've been slipping back into unhealthy life habits so I thought it was time to watch this again. I highly encourage every single one of you to watch this documentary. In my mind, it's life changing. In a very simple but effective way the experts, authors and doctors in this documentary explains what the food industry and its products are doing to our bodies and our health, as well as teaches us who to think and eat to reach a better life.

Somehow it all seems so logical and obvious once you've heard what they have to say. I guarantee you'll have more than one "Why didn't I think of that?" moment when watching this.  But sometimes you just need someone to guide you in the right direction, let this documentary do that for you.

Invest in your life, your health and your happiness. Take 90 minutes out of your day and watch this. You won't be sorry. (Click the picture to watch Hungry for Change online)

xo, Sanna

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