21 Mar 2014

My hair care routine

Hi guys!  I get a lot of sweet complements about my hair, which of course makes me super happy to read :D So in this video I go through my hair care routine and talk about all the products and tools I use to get my hair looking the way it does.

My hair is very long, thick and tangley, and I also have very dry hair and a sensitive scalp. So if any of you readers suffer from any of the same things then maybe you can get a few tips on some new products :) Everything I talk about is listed below :)

Neccin Shampoo no 3 - Grazette of Sweden
6 Crush Wonder Shampoo - Grazette of Sweden
3 Minute Miracle - Aussie 
Hair mask w/ avocado oil & shea butter - Garnier Respons
Ever Riche Hair mask - L'Oréal
Healing Moisture Detangler - L'anza
Tangle Teezer
Protect Heat Defence - Tressemmé 
Hair dryer - Grazette of Sweden
Straightener - Grazette of Sweden
Pro Soft Curl - Remington

xo, Sanna

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