6 Mar 2014

How to start eating healthy

Hi guys! Today I wanted to  share 5 tips on how to start eating healthy. Trying to eat healthier is a goal that most of us have but often it means a huge change in your everyday life, and because of this it can feel a bit intimidating to take that step into a healthier lifestyle. But here is 5 tips that is a good starting point for all of you out there who wants to start eating healthy but don't really know where to begin. I hope you enjoy!


1. Define what eating healthy means to you
Make a list of all the things you no longer want to include in your diet. Everyone has a different opinion on what 'eating healthy, really means, so define it in the way that fit your needs and your lifestyle.

2. Get rid of all of the things you no longer want to include in your diet
Go through your cupboards, fridge and freezer and throw away everything that made the naughty list. If you keep foods that you know are bad for you at home you will eat them, so put yourself up for success and get rid of all of it!

3. Avoid temptation!
By not keeping bad foods at home you have a better chance to avoid temptation. But this also concerns the social situations you're in. If you have an appetite for fast food or baked goods, avoid putting yourself in socials situations where you can easily get a hold of those things. Avoid coffee shops of eating out for the first period of your change to ease the transition.

4. Start out slowly
When changing your life you have to take baby steps in order to be successful. You can't decide to just never have chocolate again, because you will cave and probably binge eat. Every once in a while you need to feed you cravings to be able to keep on going without falling off the wagon to hard, but do it in moderation. If you have a chocolate craving, get a piece of chocolate, but do not bring 5 more home to 'save for another time', because you will cave and eat them all!

5. Be creative!
When eating healthy there will be a few things you'll have to cut out, but there are SO many unexplored flavors and ingredients out there that are just waiting for you! Be courageous and try a lot of new thing, even things you think you might not like, and I guarantee you'll find new dishes and snacks to fall in love with. The more good, delicious, new things that you put in to your diet, the easier it will be to forget about the bad things you're now excluding.     

xo, Sanna

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