28 Feb 2014

Moving Day!!!

Hi guys! Today IS FINALLY HERE! I'm moving!

A while back my boyfriend and I bought our very own apartment, and today we finally get to start moving in. For the past 2,5 years we have been living in a student apartment while getting our university education, but since we are no longer taking classes there we had to leave the apartment. We started looking in November and had a pretty tough time finding a place that we liked, and that would fit our budget. But one glorious day we walked in to a modern, stunning two story apartment and I just knew that this was where I wanted to live.

 I was so nervous while the bidding was going, and after 4 months of waiting you can only imagine my joy when we finally got the good news that the apartment was ours.

 It's a one bedroom apartment with a huge kitchen, bathroom and balcony. I think Carl and I, along with our two cats will be quite happy there :D Another good thing is that we got to move back "home" again, so now we'll be a lot closer to friends and family, which is AWESOME!  

The next few weeks will probably be very hectic and crazy, so if I'm absent that is the reason. I'll show you the apartment when we are all moved in. I'm so excited!  

Right now I'm trying to get rid of a stubborn cold that has occupied my throat and nose. Doesn't it understand that I need to be on top of my game right now? Probably. And that's the sole reason it's decided to vacay at Casa de la Sanna. I made some leek soup to try to fend it off. Hope it works!

Hope you have an awesome day! P.S: You can find the soup recipe HERE. I just decided to mix it instead of having the leek pieces :) It's easier to eat when your sick and lazy :D

xo, Sanna

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