12 Feb 2014

Review: Clarisonic Mia 2

Hi guys! Today I want to share a review of the Clarisonic Mia 2 with you guys. For you who don't know, the Clarisonic is a device to clean your face. You can use it before, or after you remove your makeup, and you can use it both morning and night.

There has been a huge hype on the Clarisonic on YouTube and it got me curious to try it out myself. The Clarisonic Mia 2 is the sequel of the original Clarisonic Mia, and this one is more targeted towards sensitive skin. When you turn it on the brush head starts to vibrate and this helps deep clean the skin and remove the top layer of dead skin cells in a very gentle way.  It vibrates for one minute per use, 20 seconds for your forehed, 20 seconds for your nose + chin area, and 10 seconds on each cheek. The product claims to clean your skin 6 times more effective than just using your hands, and I have noticed a big difference since I started using this device.

In this review I'm going to show you pictures of how my skin reacted while using the Clarisonic for 4 weeks and tell you my thoughts on it.

The Clarisonic comes with the device, a brush head for sensitive skin, a travel case, a charger and a cleanser sample. I didn't use the cleanser that came with the product. Instead I used the Gariner Nordic Essentials Gentle Cleanser with Protecting Rose Extract on the brush after I have already removed my makeup. I used the Clarisonic morning and night. After I had rinsed the cleanser off my face I followed up with the toner from that same Garnier line, and then applied my day or night cream.  Both the cleanser and toner are for dry and sensitive skin and doesn't contain any alcohol. Before bed I also put a salicylic acid treatment on my breakouts, the same treatment that I usually use on my skin.  

BEFORE: When I started using the Clarisonic Mia 2 my skin was pretty messed up. Over the Christmas Holiday season I had eaten a lot of BAD things, and this really broke my skin out. So starting off my skin was worse than it usually was.  A lot of my breakouts was targeted on my forehead, but I also had a few on my chin and some on my cheeks. Usually I never break out on my cheek area, so this was unusual for me.

: After the first week I had noticed a big difference in my cheeks. Almost all of the breakout were already gone, but my forehead and chin area was pretty much the same after one week of using the Clarisonic.

WEEK 2: After the second week my cheeks were still clear except for one huge zombie zit that came from an indulgence of chocolate. My chin are was clearing up and I noticed some improvement on the forehead as well. I had a few larger breakouts on my forehead, but most of the original breakouts were fading.  

WEEK 3: After the third week I had gotten a few new tiny breakouts on my chin. My cheeks were clear and the zombie zit was disappearing. The forehead was still the biggest problem area, but there was a definite improvement from the week before.

WEEK 4: I noticed most improvement during the fourth week of using the Clarisonic. Except for two small breakouts on my forehead and one small on my chin all of my previous breakout had completely disappeared. Left behind are some hyper pigmentation spots, but those take longer to disappeared. Dark marks after breakouts can take up to 6 months to disappear, so next I'll be trying to find a treatment to speed that process along.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Over all I'm very impressed with the Clarisonic Mia 2. I admit it's a little up there in price, but for the result I got I think it's well worth the money. I think it's so easy to use and it makes my skin feel super clean and soft. And I did notice a huge difference in the quality of my skin when using this device.

So in my humble opinion this is well worth the hype. Some people notice an increase of breakouts within the first week or so of using the Clarisonic, because it brings impurities that hides deep within your skin to the surface. I didn't notice this myself, but that might be due to the fact that my skin was already at it's worse. But if you notice an initial increase, don't worry. It's just how the process works. Just keep using the Clarisonic and you will soon notice the benefits :)

I hope you have enjoyed this review and that you found it informative and helpful.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave them in the comments below.

xo, Sanna

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