1 Oct 2013

September Favorites!

Hi guys! Today is the first day of October! I can't believe that September has already come and gone, this year is practically just flashing by!

Today I wanted to share my latest favorites video, where I share all of my favorite things throughout the month of September :) So watch the video, and then check out some close ups and more information on all of the specific things mentioned below :)

This Wonder Lash Mascara from Oriflame is my ALL TIME FAVE! The double sided wand really gives you the most beautiful and natural looking lashes, like your own lashes but 1000% better!  Wearing this mascara just makes it look like you were born with the most beautiful lashes! Get this mascara here: Sweden | UK/Ireland | Other countries

The pic with the turquoise tube is the waterproof version, I use the normal formula but I thought that you could see the design of the brush much better in this one (both formulas has the same brush). I recommend this mascara warmly!

I talked about this Cranberry nail polish from ELF in my beauty vice TAG video and also here on my blog. To recap it's just a stunning, ruby red color with lots of sparkle. The shade catches the light in the most beautiful way and the war, cozy shade is super flattering on the nail! This will definitely be one of my most worn shades throughout fall and winter. Currently they don't stock the shade on the ELF website, but I bought a few to stock up on :)

The H&M quick dry spray has really changed my nail care routine and the wear of my nail polish! No more bed marks imprinted in my polish :) And not as much chipping either!  I definitely recommend you pick one up at your local H&M!

Shirts are such a huge trend for fall, and I for one is very pleased with that! The shirt I'm wearing in this video is from H&M, which I'm wearing on top of a graphic BOY tank top I bought at a street fair. I have seen it in a couple of random shops in Stockholm though if any of you Swedes are super interested in getting your hands on one! You can find the H&M shirt here: Sweden | UK | USA

Orange juice smoothies are such a quick and refreshing snack! It takes absolutely no time at all and it gives you an instant energy boost! Check out the best recipe for a mango & banana smoothie here: Swedish recipe | English recipe

Hula hooping is a super fun way of exercising! Just use it while watching TV and you won't even notice your working out :) And hula hooping for an hour can burn up to 600 calories, which is a lot compared to working out 45 minutes on a cross trainer which usually burns 150-200 calories for me :) I bought my hula hoop from Halens, and I really like the fact that you can take it apart when you don't use it to save storage space. Check out the hula hoop HERE.

Teddy Geiger's album "The last fears" is really good, and my favorite song "Walking in the sun" is absolutely AMAZING! Give it a listen and fall in love!

EpisodeCalendar.com is a free site perfect for all of us TV show junkies out there! This will be a life saver this fall and will truly help me keep track on when all of my favorite shows starts up again :D This site is for the US TV schedule, so if you only watch TV shows on Swedish TV it won't work out for you. But I can never wait for the episodes to air over here so I watch them online the day after they have been released over in the US. I use THIS WEBSITE to watch all of my favorite shows online for free :)

I hope you have enjoyed my September favorites! :D What have been some of your favorite things this past month? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Sanna

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