15 Sep 2013

Sugar & Spice

Hi guys! A while back I posted a picture on Instagram of a work in progress project I was working on for my portfolio. I got a lot of good feedback on it so now that I am done with the site thought I’d share it with you :)

I have created a website called “Sugar & Spice” where I post easy and healthy recipes suiting for someone trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle. So far I have posted 30 recipes, but they will add up as time goes by. All the recipes are of my own invention and are made with ingredients that I stand by and that I consider to be healthy. The term “healthy” is kind of subjective, in that it means different things to different people. To me, eating healthy is about eating clean, to choose natural ingredients that haven’t been distorted or processed. I try to stay away from preservatives and other chemicals and just work with natural ingredients. That is my way of looking at health, and it is that kind of food that I cook and post on Sugar & Spice.

On Sugar & Spice you can search for special ingredients or recipes, and you can also print your favorite recipes with just one easy button. This far the site is only available in Swedish, but if there is a genuine interest from my readers I can work on an English version as well. Is that something you would like me to do? Let me know in the comments!  You can find Sugar & Spice at www.sannakarlin.com/sugarandspice

xo, Sanna

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