31 Jul 2013

What’s in my fridge?!

Hi guys! If you are in to a healthy lifestyle, maybe you have seen these ”What’s in my fridge” videos on YouTube? If not, they are a great way to get inspiration what to shop for, and it can sometimes help to see what other people that are trying to be healthy eat.

I snapped a few pics of my fridge the other day and thought I’d share the contents with you as a source of inspiration. So if you are interested in that sort of thing, keep reading below :)

On the top shelf in the fridge I usually keep breakfast things and cheese. Today I have some butter and margarine. Margarine isn’t really that good for you, but I’m trying to use it up so I can start buying real butter instead. Real butter is more expensive, but it’s also not as processed as margarine. Then I also have some eggs and bacon, and in the back (not visible) I have some parmesan cheese along with a mild everyday sandwich type of cheese.

On the next shelf I keep bigger and bulkier things. To the left I have some pices of beef and a pack of high meat content chorizo. On top of that I have a plate of strawberries which I have wrapped a plastic bag around. I find that they stay good longer this way :) To the right I keep some of the bigger fruits that I mostly use for juicing; some Granny Smith apples and some oranges in the back.

On the shelf underneath I keep my everyday salad veggies along with some bigger veggies and fruits. Her I have some cauliflower in the back, and some red apples along with cherry tomatoes. To the right I have two cucumbers (one for juicing and one for salad) along with some mixed leafy greens.  

On the bottom shelf I keep the veggies I’m using for cooking and in the box to the right I keep smaller fruits and veggies that might otherwise get lost. Here I have some cabbage and carrots in the back, along with some sweet potatoes in a bag and some butternut squash. In the drawer I have some lemons, red onion, garlic, sugar snaps, a red chili pepper, a regular onion and some ginger.

In the door of my fridge I keep different bottles and jars. On the middle shelf I have some soy sauce followed by some food coloring (I should probably through that one out though because I don’t think it contains much good and I almost never use it anyways).
 Then I have some sundried tomatoes and a bottle of liquid smoke. I have only tried the liquid smoke once but I didn’t really enjoy it. Do you use liquid smoke in your cooking? Then I also have some lemon juice in a bottle and some different types of stock.

On the lower shelf I have some dairy products. Here I have some cream, crème fraiche, Turkish yoghurt, Russian yoghurt . Squeezed between the Turkish and Russian yoghurt I also have a jar of béarnaise sauce with chili (not super healthy but I loooove that stuff!)

And that’s everything I keep in my fridge at the moment! Of course this varies depending on what I’m going to cook, but it’s a general overview.

What is something that you ALWAYS keep in your fridge? Something you can’t simply live without? Let me know in the comments! :D

xo, Sanna

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