24 Jul 2013

How to make bread healthier

Hi guys! Today I’m gonna talk a bit about bread. To start off this post, my most favorite food in the whole entire world is bread! If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be sandwiches, so I’m a huge bread lover. But as most of you know bread isn’t that good for you if you are trying to be healthy. Most bread contain wheat and gluten which cause inflammation in your body and can make you feel bloated. White flour also turns into sugar very fast after entering the body, which will cause your blood sugar level to spike and you will be hungrier quicker, and sometimes  just makes you want to eat more, and more, and more.

But there are ways to make your bread healthier, if you’re like me and just don’t wanna give bread up but still have a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits. So here are some tips on what you can do:

- Restrict your intake. Eat bread less often, this way you will still have bread in your diet but give your body the chance to fight the bad stuff off.

- Choose a whole grain alternative. Whole grains are very beneficial to your body and whole grain bread is a much better and healthier alternative to white bread on any given day!

- Add a lot of healthy toppings. If your sandwich contains a lot of good toppings, like meat, good cheese and veggies instead of only butter and some sugary spread they will be a lot healthier. And by adding a lot of toppings to your sandwich you also automatically lower the amount of sandwiches you eat, because you’ll get more full on every sandwich and therefore won’t be able to eat as many as you normally would.  

- Bake your own bread! This way you have full control over the ingredients you put in your body and you can avoid a lot of preservatives and other chemical substances that is normally found in store bought products. By baking your own bread you can also substitute wheat flour for other types of flour, like rice flour.

So these are some things you can do to make bread healthier! I hope you have enjoyed this post, and if you have any good tips on how to make bread healthier, please share them below! :D

This is a pic of my breakfast from last week: Some ciabatta with ham and sliced cucumber and some strawberries, green grapes and passion fruit :) Not perfect, but much better than a white P&J sandwich :p

xo, Sanna

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