22 Jul 2013

It's all about the shades

Hi guys! I’ve been doing a bit of online shopping these past few days, I kind of get hooked, not so good for my bank account :S I saw this outfit from Forever21 and fell in love with the picture! It just looks so chic, and I wish I would have the guts to wear it, but I’m not that gutsy unfortunately. Practically all of these pieces are out of my comfort zone, but somehow I still really, really love this outfit.

I really did like the glasses thought. I’ve been looking for a nice round shape of shades, but unfortunately they didn’t have them on the site. But I did find a very similar pair from H&M’s website that I’m currently waiting for to arrive :)

What are some trends that you’d like to wear but don’t feel brave enough to? Let me know in the comments!

The H&M shades. Find them here.

xo, Sanna

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