16 Jun 2013

Summer outfit idea

Hi guys! I went to the park the other day to enjoy the sunshine. Summer is finally here and I for one am going to take full advantage of that. The last two summers have been dreadful here so if the sun is shining, I’m outside :)

Today I thought I’d share one of my favorite summer outfits with you guys. I am really digging the high-low trend that has been going on for a while now and this black high-low skirt from H&M is so chick and it goes with absolutely everything! Paired with it I’m wearing a graphic black and white T-shirt from New Yorker. I love the Aztec lettering, Aztec patterns is another one of my favorite trends, and here I just wear it tied up to go with the high waisted skirt. I’m also wearing my wedges from Avenue and my favorite summer nail polish Lemon (which I wrote about in my previous post). I am also wearing sunglasses from H&M as well :) 

(God I look pail in these photos! :O I do have some color, I swear :P)

This is the perfect outfit to wear over your bikini. It will take you to the park, the beach or for a shopping trip without looking out of place.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that the sun is shining wherever you are! Talk to you later :D

xo, Sanna

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