13 Jun 2013

Work in progress #2

Hi guys! Now that I am finally done with the essay I can really go back into web design again! Yey :D These past two and a half month have been very sparse on this front, but that is definitely about to change. I have two summer courses on web design and I am also going to extend my portfolio by creating new projects (but first I should finish my old once, but new ideas just seem more fun :P). Right now I'm working on giving my website a well needed facelift!

I'm drawing the inspiration from my blog, as well as from a logotype I designed earlier this year. I'm going for a graphic black and white look - simple, but elegant. This is a sneak peek of how it looks right now :)

I'll be back for the finished results! If you want to visit my website, go to www.sannakarlin.com or through the link under the "Follow me" tag in the navigation above :) Hope you are all having a great day! Talk to you later :D

xo, Sanna

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