30 May 2013

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Hi guys! I completely forgot that I had promised to show the things I bought while I was in Stockholm. As I said in my previous post I didn't get a whole lot, but I thought I'd show you anyway :) I leave links to everything if you want to check them out, just click the name.  

The first thing I got was 'Grease Lightning' from Lush. This is my first ever Lush product and I am really looking forward to using it. 
Grease Lightning is a spot treatment that gets rid of blemishes. According to Lush it:
 - Gets rid of ‘unwelcome visitors’: Everyone can use Grease Lightning on unsightly blemishes.  
- For a matte finish: Grease Lightning also works well to control excess oil, especially your T-zone.
- 500 green grapes in every batch: Combat the dirt that builds around spots with fresh green grapes.

I will try this out for a few weeks and then come back with a review :)

The next thing I bought was three nail polishes from Gina Tricot. If you buy three you get a discount, so that's why I picked up so many. I got the shade 'Lemon', which is a soft neon yellow.

The next shade is called 'Blue Bug' and is almost a holographic shade. It reminds me of the oil spills you sometimes see at gas stations, she polish shifts color from a greenish blue to a beautiful purple.
The last one is called 'Luxurious' and is a soft nude, champagne color with lots of sparkle. 
From Gina Tricot I also got a beauty buffer, or makeup sponge, which I have used to blend in my concealer. So far it has worked fine :)
So that's everything I got whilst in Stockholm :) I hope you have enjoyed this post and I'll talk to you later! 

xo, Sanna

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