29 May 2013

Healthy breakfast and brutal workout tips!

Hi guys! Had this really brutal and exhausting workout this morning that I thought I’d share with you. If you are a keen reader of this blog you know that I am really in to the Tune it up workout videos at the moment, and I tried a new one this morning that is part of their wedding series. And no, I’m not getting married, but this routine won’t only make you fit into your wedding dress, but will tone your body up for the summer.

The first two exercises made me think that this video would be very easy, but boy was I wrong! If you want a challenge, do try this workout :) It made me feel great afterwards even though it was a pain to go through.

 I wanted to through in a healthy breakfast tip as well. This morning I had a plate with a hardboiled egg, honeydew melon, strawberries and grapes. Delicious! What did you guys have for breakfast today? 

xo, Sanna

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