24 May 2013

A weekend in Stockholm

Hi guys! Just a quick update: I am heading to Stockholm tomorrow with my boyfriend Carl. We are going shopping during the day and at night we are going to see Josh Groban play live in Ericsson Globe! It will be the first time that I visit Globen, as we say in Sweden, and I am so exited! It will also be the first time that I see Josh Groban live. It was Carl who really wanted to go see his concert and I, being a huge music lover, grabbed the opportunity for some great music. He has a wonderful voice and I expect great thing from him, though I don’t really know any of his songs so I won’t be singing along. Maybe I should have checked him out on Spotify? Hmm…   After the concert we are spending the night at a hotel, which will be the first time Carl and I spend in a real hotel in Sweden. It’s weird to think that we have been together for 6 years and never done this before… It’s a weekend of many first, I guess :)

I haven’t actually visited Stockholm that many times, which seems weird since it is our capital. I hope for good weather and a lot of nice stores and cafés. I really want to go to Lush, because I have never tried any of their products but I have heard so much great things about them. I Googled it (btw isn’t Google the greatest thing ever!?) and found that Lush has three locations so I hope we can find one of them. Since none of us are used to the city we will have to see where we wind up. If worst comes to worst we have a GPS in Carl’s cell phone :P So that is what I’m doing this weekend! I will update you guys on our adventures once we come back home and give a review of the hotel, the concert and the thing I suspect I will buy :P Are there any Lush product you recommend I check out? Or is there any other stores in Stockholm that I simply can’t miss? Please let me know in the comments! 

xo, Sanna

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