24 May 2013

New design!

Hi guys! I spent my day in front of the computer creating a new design for the blog. If you are a frequent reader, you might remember that I talked about doing this a few weeks back, showing you a picture of my Photoshop sketch. Well, now it's finally done! What do you guys think about the result?

The biggest change is that the menu is now on top of the page, making it possible to widen the area for the blog posts. This way I can incorporate larger pictures in my posts, and the text will be easier to red.

In the menu above I have also featured links to other places you can find me, so if you are interested in visiting my website you can find the link under the "Follow me" link :)

I hope you like the new design! Let me know in the comments :) I will be back later tonight with a new post.

xo, Sanna

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Malin skriver:

Bloggen blev riktigt snygg Sanna! Du är så fin


Svar: Tack, Malin! :D

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