20 May 2013

Ab workout challenge

Good morning guys! As I wrote in my previous post that I had a very hectic week last week. I had a lot to do and absolutely no energy. Every morning when I woke up I felt too tired to get out of bed, which resulted in that I didn’t get any workouts in last week. Working out would probably have made me feel more energetic, but I couldn’t bare myself to get started.

This week I’m back to business and have kick started this week with a new workout video. It’s from the YouTube channel Be Fit, and it is a video in a series designed to give you a six pack in 6 weeks.  

I’m not looking to get at six pack, to be honest I don’t think six packs are very attractive in women, but I do want to get a ripped stomach so I thought I’d give it a go. This video is definitely more intense than the once I have been posting earlier. It’s a 35 minute workout focusing strictly on your abs, but I find that your legs and arms also get a nice workout. I didn’t manage to go though it in one go, I had to pause it a couple of times throughout.

Another thing is that the tempo is far higher in this video that the once I have posted earlier, and they don’t guide you through all the exercises. But I guess after you have done this video a few times that you get the hang of it.

Wanna get a kick start to your week? I challenge you guys to try this video out and get an awesome workout for you abs. Leave a comment below if you did it, and what you thought!     

xo, Sanna

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