1 May 2013

Raw Delights

Hi guys! A few weeks ago I bought two new cookbooks on Raw Food. It's a trend going around right now to eat 'raw', which in simple terms mean that you only eat natural, vegetarian ingredients that has not been cooked on heat higher than 42°C. This is because when a lot of things are cooked on higher heat than this, lots of the nutritious elements get lost.

When I bought the books I didn't know so much about raw food, and after reading them I can definitely say that I could never go 100% raw. I could never cope with never eating meat, dairy or hot food, but there are a lot of raw things that you can incorporate into your everyday diet without having to go 100% raw.

The recipes that I really found a likening to is the once for deserts, snacks and other 'sweet' things. In the book 'Raw Delight' they have listed pies, cakes, ice creams and other treats that are made entirely on fruit, berries, nuts and other natural ingredients. they are 100% sugar, wheat and dairy free, which means they can be eaten by almost everyone, except for those with nut allergies. They even have recipes for 'whipped cream' to go with their pies that are made from cashews!

Even though I'm a little skeptical to a few of the thing in here, like cream made from nuts and chocolate without actual chocolate, I look forward to trying a few of these recipes out to see how they turn out. I'm especially curious to try the treats in pic 3. I think they look delicious so I really look forward to try them out.

Have any of you ever tried any raw delights? I would really like to know what you ate and what you thought of it! Leave me a comment below! :) And, if there is some recipe that you guys would like me to try and report back to you, let me know in the comment! Maybe you are curious on the ice cream or the cakes and want me to post some recipes and give them a review? As I said, let me know :)

xo, Sanna

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