30 Apr 2013


Good morning guys! This morning my body was still a little sore from my workouts this weekend, so I decided to do some yoga since it focuses a lot on stretching the body. I am a total yoga newbie, but I have always wanted to try it. I found some great videos on YouTube, on the same channel that I have talked about earlier when I wrote about the ‘Tune it up Tuesdays’ videos.

The great thing about the videos series that I found is that they have one for beginners, one for intermediate and one advanced, so you can really choose the level that suits you. I, of course, choose the beginners level and I have worked out to them to times this far and loving it! Needless to say I’m not nearly as flexible as Tara Stiles who does the videos. My legs are bent almost constantly and I tip over from losing by balance. But I will get there :) I just have to take it one step at the time.

If you also have wanted to try yoga but never gotten around to it, or if this post just simply sparked your interest, I can really recommend this series. It’s called ‘The Yoga Solution’, and you can find it on the channel ‘Live Strong Woman’. Here is a video that I have been using twice. The first time I used it it was almost disastrously bad, but don’t be discouraged, today went lots better :D

xo, Sanna

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