29 Apr 2013

Home Décor

I am in love with our living room at the moment! Usually it is full of red decor, since red is my all time favorite color, but when spring started to get closer I felt like switching it up slightly, so I bought a few new things.

The soft yellow of the candles and bright green of the apples really goes well with the black and white background. New white and sheer curtains lets so much more light in, and it makes the room feel brighter and fresher.

Spoiler: The flowers in the window are fake! We made the choice to buy fake flowers the last time we were at IKEA, because our just died on us all the time. When I was younger I swore to myself that I would NEVER buy fake flowers, but I have to admit they have come a long way in developing them since then. The selection now reaches further than super obvious fabric roses. I think that these look really natural and when they get dusty you can just give them a quick shower :P Never again half dead to dead plants, is there anything more depressing looking?
Not in my oppinon.

xo, Sanna

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Malin skriver:

Så fint ni har det! Jättekul att se bilder från er lägenhet och det ser riktigt chic ut! Jag köpte lite nya grejer till vår lya igår som jag pysslat med idag och tänkte visa på bloggen lite senare. Ha det så got!


Svar: Tack! Ja jag såg det på din blogg i morse! Verkligen jättefint. Är väldigt imponerad över sängen Trev byggde!

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