27 Apr 2013

Fashion with flare

Hi guys! I want to show you some really beautiful fashion statements, but I do this with a WARNING. The following designs I’m going to show you are from the finale of Project Runway season 11. So if you are a Project Runway fan but only watch it on Swedish TV, then SPOILER ALERT!  So if you don’t want to know anything about the show in advance, click here to read my post on Steps towards a healthier lifestyle instead. 




The looks I am going to show you is from a designer named Michelle Lesniak Franklin. She was my favorite designer this season, because she has the perfect combination of hard and soft. She creates fashion with flare, and I think her clothes are pieces of art.

The inspiration for this collection was a lone female wolf who has lost her pack and now need one last kill to survive, a metaphor for her own journey on Project Runway.




Not my fav. To me this looks a little 18th century instead of modern...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! My absolut favorit piece! The pictures does not do this coat justice! You need to see it move!

LOVE! Can you see the subtle wolf print? Really abstract and the colors are so pretty for fall!

Not my fav. To litteral. But the judges absolutely LOVED it. Sometimes we don't agree.... :P


I love the way she uses these earthy tones mixed with the hardware! It is just amazing! And I also love how some of her looks are even stronger from the back!

I couldn’t manage to find better pictures, but the clothes make a lot more impact in moving footage. I found this clip on YouTube where the final walk of her collection is shown, but if you want a real good look I will feature the final episode of Project Runway below. 

xo, Sanna

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