26 Apr 2013


Hi guys! It’s Friday afternoon and I’m browsing the web for things I want but really don’t need. Why are there always so many things that you want to buy?! I really look forward to getting a job so I have some more money to spend :P on my wish list right now is these lovely items:

Have you guys tried the Urban Decay Naked pallets? Do they live up to the hype? 

Which shoes do you like best? Both are from H&M. I do hope I can walk in them if I decide to order them :P 

xo, Sanna

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Elin skriver:

Jag gillade de översta paret skor, såna vill ja också ha!:D


Svar: Säg till om du hittar dem i Karlstad, för de hade dem inte i Örebro :)

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