24 Apr 2013

Good morning

Good morning guys! Sorry I didn’t get back to you last night. I went swimming yesterday and ended up beating my personal record :)  I swam 2 km (1,24 miles) in 72 minutes. The first one I finished in 37 minutes and the other one in 35 without any downtime in between, which I feel really happy about. So after returning home I was starving so I quickly made a taco gratin that I ate in front of the TV to an old episode of Desperate Housewives. So between my exhaustion and the essay work that I had to cram in I didn’t get a chance to blog much yesterday. But now I’m back, feeling energized and thought I’d share I pic of today’s breakfast.

I had I fruit plate with a quarter
honeydew melon, some blue grapes (my favorites at the moment!), some banana, a passion fruit and a hardboiled egg. I really enjoy having fruit in the morning! It makes my stomach satisfied without feeling heavy, and I get a butt load of vitamins that will help me get through the rest of the day :) And an egg gives me that little something that is warm, which I think every meal needs!

Soon I’m off to the University. Michelle and I are meeting with our professor tomorrow to discuss our paper, so we have a lot to finish before we can send it in for inspection today at noon. Wish me luck, and have a wonderful day everyone!

xo, Sanna

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